OK, Wouter tagged me. And even though he declined to share any details of his gimp costume, I'm going to do the right thing and provide the kind of hard-hitting facts this meme is all about ... five things you may not know about me, and may soon wish you didn't:

1) those familiar with my past know that I was an editor of Joystik Magazine back in the glory days of coin-op games, but even some of them may not know that I also edited books on Michael Jackson, Duran Duran, Breakdancing (available in Spanish and Italian, too!), and BASIC programming. My deep insights of the early 80s are perhaps best summarized in my review of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre video game, or my admonition to kids to remember to have fun. That's why I got the big bucks. ($17K/year plus quarters for games.)

2) I don't do TV. Most of the television I watched in my 20s was MTV, most of the television I watched in my 30s was CNN, and most of the television I've watched in my 40s has been the Golf Channel. I rarely watch any of the most popular TV shows, and don't even know what they've been in recent years. And only with Megan's help have I started using a remote in the last year. Seriously.

3) Speaking of Megan, my lovely wife is from Berkeley, CA, the Amsterdam of North America. She works hard to keep me humble, including such thoughtful gestures as tie-dying my underwear (changing my plain white Jockey briefs into rainbow-colored abominations that earn me a wide berth in the locker room at the gym), and quietly posting embarrassing videos of me on YouTube.

4) Let's see, brushes with fame seems to be a popular five-questions topic. I once hung out with Bishop Desmond Tutu for 60 seconds, but we had both been drinking heavily at La Grotta in Atlanta and I don't remember much of the conversation. And I once convinced Mohammed Ali to sign a copy of JoyStik at O'Hare. My only brush with fame in recent years was Jeff Gordon, but now that we've both gotten married recently, the rumors have dwindled to a trickle.

5) My personal blog has been taken over by a deformed cat. Page hits went up immediately, approaching double-digits daily now. The irony of it is, I hate this cat.

OK, who else can I pass this WTD (web-transmitted disease) on to? Let's see, these ought to be entertaining ...

Don Campbell
Gary Devendorf
Kip Kniskern
Megan Bradley
Tom Kepler