Virtual PC 2007 beta

Now that I've flattened my laptop and gone to running nothing but Vista, I need to re-install all the applications I use in my work. And one application I use a lot is Virtual PC. We use it for demos, proof-of-concepts, and for re-creating all the various development environments that we've built around pre-release versions of Office: everything from DF4 through B1, B1TR, B2, B2TR, and later builds.

So I just installed the latest beta version of Virtual PC 2007 (you can download it here), and it works great with Vista. To the right is a screen shot of RedHat Linux running in a VPC on my Vista machine, and it boots up without any problems, runs fast, and there's even glass around the edges. How cool is that?

As for why I'd be running a Linux VPC on my Vista laptop here in Redmond, that's another story for another day. Open XML is in the story, that's all I'll say for now. :-)