Where's Wouter?

I've been wondering lately, "what's up with Wouter?"

He was so active blogging about Open XML in the past, and nothing new from him has appeared in my RSS reader for several weeks now. I know he's been busy lately with a few little things like starting a business and growing a family, so I assumed he was taking some time off from blogging.

But it turns out I was wrong about that. Wouter has been blogging about Open XML development and other topics as usual, but I wasn't getting notification of his posts.

I had the wrong RSS feed set up because something apparently changed on his new Code-Counsel blog and the feed address I had wasn't working any more.

So if you've been missing out on Wouter's posts too, be sure to add this link to your RSS feeds.

Here are a couple of Wouter's recent posts that I would have included in this week's Open XML links if I had known about them ...

Word 2007 Databinding Toolkit. If you're one of those developers who would like to give users the ability to create documents with custom XML parts and databound content controls from inside Word, you're going to love this one. Wouter has built a Word add-in that provides a simple drag&drop interface for these chores, completely integrated with the Word user experience. It's available with full source code on Codeplex, and in addition to its intended use this would make a good starting point if you want to develop some other type of Word add-in to add specialized document creation functionality.

Package Explorer 3.0 nearing completion. Wouter's Package Explorer utility is a popular Open XML development tool, and he continues to add features in preparation for its third major release soon. I'm thinking of getting my Mom a copy for Christmas, now that I see he has added Open XML development blogs to the start page, including mine. :-) You can get the latest version with full source code from the Codeplex site.