WinFX becomes .NET 3.0

To clarify Microsoft's development-tools strategy and make it easier for developers to understand the growing Microsoft development platform, a new change has been announced this afternoon: WinFX will henceforth be known as version 3.0 of the .NET framework. This does not affect the technologies themselves: all the cool things you've seen coming in WinFX, such as WPF, WCF, Workflow, and other new APIs, will all be part of .NET 3.0. Only the name has changed, and nothing else.

To make it perfectly clear, here's what's happening:

For more information about the thinking behind the change, see S. Somasegar's blog. This is a great simplifying move that will help clarify the messaging around all of the emerging tools and technologies that make up WinFX .NET 3.0.