Dynamics in Government

My role at Microsoft is the US Public Sector Dynamics Architect.   This is a field-based technical position.  I work on a sales team as the technical lead.  Our team works with Federal, State, Local Government as well as K-12 and Higher-Education customers.  We focus specifically on Microsoft's Dynamics products. 

I am a 13 year Microsoft veteran with a developer background.  Two years ago I switched into this role.  For me the attraction is that Dynamics as a huge new market opportunity for Microsoft.  We have invested billions in these products.  In many ways I enjoy being the underdog.  Microsoft is the underdog against some of the more established tier one ERP vendors like SAP and Oracle.  Siebel and Salesforce.com are also established competitors in the CRM space.  Being the underdog reminds me of my experiences in the early and mid 90s as a softie.  I can remember when SQL Server, Windows Server, MS Mail and other products were not ready for the enterprise.  But the company continued to invest and work at it and now nobody disputes that Microsoft is an enterprise company.  The Dynamics products are maturing rapidly and are already enterprise ready. The product teams listen closely to those of us in the field because everyone understands that we need to rapidly evolve these products to meet customer needs. 

July 1 is the beginning of our new fiscal year.  One of my New Years resolutions is to blog more.  I plan to write about our solutions and success with Dynamics CRM as a development platform.  Check back here over the coming weeks and months.  I will share my thoughts and experiences with Dynamics CRM.