Use SharePoint web parts to showcase data from inside and outside Office 365

Microsoft introduced new web-parts and updates:


Planner – display tasks and progress from your team plans

Twitter – highlight individual tweets and full feeds

Office 365 Connectors – embed information from 3rd party services like Bitbucket, JIRA, and RSS

Kindle Instant Preview – reference an important Kindle book with one-click to preview or buy


Power BI – embed interactive Power BI reports directly into SharePoint

Image – offers automatic alt-text suggestions with the help of intelligent image analysis

SharePoint web parts are building blocks for your site pages and news articles. Just click the + sign and pick the right web parts.


Now, you can add your plans to any page. A news article is like a weekly status update with assignments and progress clearly visible.

The embedded Planner web part displays a status of tasks like “To do” or “In Progress”, you can add your own one.

You can add a plan in seconds, just choose whether you want it to be more overview (Charts) or the buckets of individual tasks in a Kanban view (Boards).

Learn more about Planner here.

Office 365 Connectors

Bring in information from third-party services like Asana, Bitbucket, Jira, GitHub, Stack Overflow and more using an Office 365 Connector.

Connectors within SharePoint are only available for use within group-connected SharePoint team sites.

Learn more about the Office 365 Connector web part here.


If you really want to keep your pages and news articles up-to-the-minute, highlight live tweets and feeds from Twitter handles, curated collections or via a search widget. Put what’s being said externally right alongside the context of what you are working on internally.

Now, site members can showcase Twitter feeds and individual tweets right inside SharePoint pages and news. It simple to add the Twitter web part within the layout, and then plug in the desired Twitter address, individual tweet links, curated collections, or search widgets.

Learn more how to bring Twitter tweets into SharePoint here.

Kindle instant preview

With the Kindle instant preview web part, you can reference a book you want to recommend or promote. Your readers can then PREVIEW the book using the Kindle Instant Preview web part or go straight to BUY.

Learn more about embedding Kindle instant previews here.

Learn more about using ALL web parts on pages and news articles