Error while installing TFS2005 GDR on TFS App tier.

1. This is applicable for TFS dual server mode.
2. When you are trying to install TFS Quiscence GDR on App tier, it gives you error:
"windows sharepoint services is not useing the designated team foundation server configuration database(Sts_Config_Tfs). To proceed, you must exit setup and uninstall windows sharepoint services. Then, reinstall window sharepoint services in accordance with the team foundation installation guide, and run setup again."

In event log : #50070: Unable to connect to the database STS_Config_Tfs.

Please dont uninstall sharepoint services on the basis of this error. Your account may get locked during this installation, depending on your company's policy if they lock accounts after performing any wrong thing with three try.This installation try to connect with Database on Database tier three - four times.

1. Run the BPA tool on App tier.
2. If you see the warning:
"Registry access to DT "server name" is not available. Registry information will not be present in the completed scan. Enable Remote Registry access on the target computer and run the scan the scan with sufficent permissions to perform that access."
3. Then Restart the "Remote Registry" and Computer Browser" services with the setup account of TFS.
4. If any of these services is set to manual start, set it to Automatic and Also RPC should be enabled( By default, it is).
5. Everything should go fine after that.


1. Download the VS2005 TFS Power tools (includes BPA) from here:


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