File already open error while check-in files in VSS..

Problem Desc:

Sometime we have noticed that while working on projects in Visual Studio which is using repository as Visual SourceSafe, during check-in we get error, file is already open "<drivename>\abc\xyz\xyz.cs"

Cause of the problem:

This may be due to some anti-virus is blocking the file.



ü We have noticed this problem can occur due to anti-virus blocks the file.

ü Reason may be anti-virus blocks files which is in frequent use or may be anti-virus is scanning the drive on that time.


· There are tools from Microsoft and other companies, which you can run to diagnose this.

e.g. Read About ProcMon utility:


· Run this tool while error is reproduced. It will show you information about all files which are getting read\write by different processes.

· So let’s say, we are getting the error file is already open, then find from logs about all processes which are using file. If you find processes other than devenv.exe accessing that file, you need to kill them.

· After that try to check-in that file, it should work properly.


ü If it is feasible for you, you can stop anti-virus scanning on client and server.

ü Also another option is, in anti-virus settings, exclude VSS database to get scanned.



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