VSS Users were not able to perform Check-in operation...

Few days back, i got a case where users were trying to check-in their files to VSS, but VSS was getting hanged. All project teams were facing this problem.

Looked very strange...why suddenly this started ...

Let me tell you why it happend....

  • Problem was occuring with both version of VSS (VSS 6.0 and VSS 2005)
  • Installed all latest patches for VSS, still the problem remained..
  • No CPU spike, No event log entries.
  • Started the machine in Safemode.
  • Now performed the Check-in operation.
  • Check-in operation went smoothly.
  • This is where I got a hit and hint of solution.
  • Started machine in normal mode.
  • Ran ProcMon tool.
  • From the ProcMon log, found there are doubtful exes running.
  • One was AntiVirus software.
  • Stopped that AntiVirus.
  • Performed operations with VSS.
  • Everything ran smoothly.

Recommendation: Never run Antivirus software on VSS server. It may give you performance hit.


 Read About ProcMon and other troubleshooting utility:


Hope this article will help you too while facing problem with VSS.


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