(english) Step by step – activate your free Azure monthly credit for your MSDN license

In this blogpost I describe how to activate your free monthly Azure credit for your MSDN license. It’s easy! Per default you will have set a spending limit you can’t exceed – it’s set at zero. You have to explicitly delete this limit to be able to exceed you free credits.

1. Visit http://my.visualstudio.com/benefits and log in.


2. Click “Activate” in the Azure tile to start the activation process to get your monthly credit.


3. The activation page will open. You have to accept the terms and then click to sign up.


4. The activation is running. Check your inbox for a mail which looks like this.



5. Click the link in the mail to navigate to your portal. Sign up if required. Click “Portal” in the upper right to get started.


6. You’ll get a notification on the credits you get monthly. The amount of credits depends on your license.


7. You’re done! Go and try out some of our services.