Programming WCF Services


If you are an architect or developer and are using the WCF today or considering the use of WCF on a future project I would highly suggest that you purchase a copy of Programming WCF Services by Juval Lowy.

In the new edition of Programming WCF Services there is a new chapter on the Windows Azure AppFabric Service Bus and so if you have either the first or second edition you’ll definitely want to read this chapter and likely the third edition entirely.

If you want to become a master of WCF and the Windows Azure AppFabric Service Bus then the Architect Master Class and  the WCF Master Class.

Without reading Programming WCF Services and attending the Architect Master Class and WCF Master Class, it is likely that most architects and developers using WCF today are asleep at the wheel!

I have read all three editions of Programming WCF Services have attended the Architect Master Class, after which I will definitely be attending the WCF Master Class as soon as possible.