Sacramento .net Users Group - Code Generation with Visual Studio 2010

I’ll be speaking on August 31st at the Sacramento .net Users Group about code generation with Visual Studio 2010.

We have had access to various techniques for code generation for almost as long as most of us have been writing software, although how many of us are really using these techniques within our projects today?

You’ll discover that there are significant opportunities to use code generation to maximize developer productivity and enhance the maintainability of the code we create. With almost all the code we write there are opportunities for small-scale code generation, using Visual Studio 2010 templates and code snippets; and we’ll also see techniques for large-scale code generation.

Whether you are a code generation junkie or you prefer to hand craft every line of code you write, come along and enjoy an evening with fellow software developers as we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of code generation.

I can promise that you’ll see Visual Studio 2010 almost entirely throughout the evening as we know developers want to see code, real code, and not PowerPoint slides!

We’ll put code generation techniques such as the humble StringBuilder, Xml and Xslt transformations, and T4 templates through a grueling gauntlet and see which techniques will stand the ultimate test of code generation in the “real world”.

Event Details:

August 31st 2010, 6.00pm to 8:30pm.

UC Davis Extension, Sutter Square Galleria, 2901 K Street, Sacramento CA 95816