As a lot of you may already know, after 4 years of working on MIIS / ILM / FIM I've decided to leave Microsoft. No, I'm not being fired, nor am I jumping ship to a competitor :) Rather I am leaving Microsoft to pursue a MBA at Columbia starting this fall.

 If I have one hope is it that you have found this blog, along with the talks, webcasts and reports I have done to be useful in helping to digest the seemingly endless new concepts coming out with FIM 2010. It can be a lot to take in one shot for sure, as sometimes I even find myself scratching my head as to how something works and even more so when I attempt to describe it,

 To all of my colleagues and friends I have made in my time on the MIIS/ILM/FIM teams, I wish you all the best going forward. As for me, its back to the student life for the time being.

 Going forward, I'll still be available to help people with FIM (as much as my new student life permits of course!) if you want to reach me, you can email me at bobby.gill (at) gmail.com and you can always find me on facebook at www.facebook.com/jasjeet

 Ill be at TechReady tomorrow morning and I should be at the FOX Sports Grill event in the evening, so come grab me if you see me.

 In the meantime, I leave this blog in the more than capable hands of my colleague Nima.