This is us! We're Nima Ganjeh, and Bobby Gill, two Program Managers working on Microsoft's Identity Lifcycle Manager "2" product. We started this blog to serve as a resource to all of you for both learning about how the product works as well how to use ILM to solve specific scenarios.

 Topics will be driven by both feedback we receive from you, the beta 3 newsgroup, requests from customers as well things we think would be great sources of knowledge for you.

 If you're scratching your head wondering what ILM is right now, we urge you to check out

 If you dont feel like reading check out these videos below which will give you a very brief outline about what ILM is all about:

In the following video Bobby walks through some of the core ILM "2" IT Pro scenarios as well as dives into using ILM 's codeless provisioning feature to provision users into Active Directory.

ILM User Provisioning with Bobby Gill

Next up is Alym, who in this video talks about how ILM "2" impacts end-users and knowledge workers, specifically focusing in on ILM "2" group management capabilities and password reset functionality:

ILM Password Resets with Alym Rayani

Want more? Join the ILM "2" public beta program! Doing so will get you not only access to the Beta 3 bits of ILM "2" as well as give you access to a wealth of knowledge being shared amongst other Beta program participants. You can sign up for the Beta at: