Caution: addictive material! Handle with care.

It was more difficult than we expected. Our fingers are exhausted, and we won't even talk about the truly frightening quantities of Mt. Dew that were consumed. The end result: a shiny pile of ones and zeros we think you'll want to meet.

Previously I hinted that Omar, David and myself have been collaborating on a nicely abstracted managed assembly that provides an object model for importing data into OneNote. But as of today, it lives!

So what does it do, you ask? Enough talk:

 using Microsoft.Office.OneNote; 
namespace Example 
   class TrivialImport 
      public static void Main() 
         // Create a new page in the section "General", with the  
         // title "Import Example".  
         Page p = new Page("", "Import Example"); 
         // Create a new Outline, and add some content to it: 
         OutlineObject outline = new OutlineObject(); 
         outline.AddContent(new HtmlContent("Hello <i>world</i>!")); 

         // Add the outline to our page: 

         // Commit the changes to OneNote, and set the actively viewed page: 

Try it out for yourself: the assembly, source code, documentation, and class diagrams are all available for download here.

(Note that this is a work in progress, and as a result you may encounter the occasional bug or two. So if it eats your homework, erases all of your Tivo'd episodes of Friends, or breaks up with your girlfriend -- you have been warned. Of course, if this does occur, let me know.)

Go wild; but be careful: once you start importing, it's hard to stop.

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