eWeek Office SharePoint Server Beta 2 Review

"Judging by the beta version, Office SharePoint Server 2007 will be a welcome upgrade."  From this review of Beta 2 from eWeek.  Some highlights of the review:

  • By default, all pages and content created in SharePoint can be delivered to mobile devices in a text format.
  • ...provides, a cornucopia of new template options for quickly building a wide variety of Web sites, portals and community pages.
  •  drag-and-drop usability to portal administration. New roll-up capabilities make it much easier for users to track and view all documents, pages and linked sites within the overall platform.
  • Content creation for users has also been improved with more robust workflow and versioning capabilities. The WYSIWYG editing capabilities are now provided as an in-line option for users, meaning that pages can be edited in context rather than in a separate editing form.
  • workflow and routing features...very deep and flexible options for routing documents and files through review and auditing processes.
  •  Web 2.0 capabilities such as blogging, wikis and social networking.

Right on!