Office Live @ Mix07

mixbling Well Mix07 was a blast.  My colleague Rohit Puri and I did a session on Office Live for Designers and Developers.  We had 70-80 people in the audience and got a lot of questions.  We did our Northwind Inn demo, which shows many of the ways you can customize and extend Office Live like:


  • Customizing the Public site
  • Customizing the Business Applications
  • Building Web 2.0 Mash Ups, and
  • Writing rich client WPF applications that connect to Office Live via Web services.

Thanks to everyone who came to our session.  If you want to see some of the ways that web designers and developers can customize and build on Office Live, check out our session recording is available online - and you can even view it using Silverlight!

Session Abstract:

Come find out how to build and deliver your solutions to Small Businesses via Microsoft Office Live. Learn how Office Live uses a combination of software and services to provide the Web presence, business task automation, and collaboration capabilities that until now, only large enterprises could take advantage of. Find out how building on top of Office Live makes your solution more accessible to small businesses, and more profitable to you!



p.s. The Venetian was nice too!