A Taste of Microsoft Access 2010 and Access Services

For all those that have loved Microsoft Access over the years (and for those that have yet to discover it) one of the announcements today at the SharePoint 2010 Conference was about Access 2010 and Access Services on SharePoint. Think of it, Access databases being able to be published to the Web! New opportunities for Access abound! But you really need to see this in action. The Channel 9 video below takes you through a great demo showing some of the key new features in Access 2010 from Office Themes, UI and Data Macros, to the publishing of the entire database, forms, reports, etc. to SharePoint. Don’t miss this video with Tina Wood interviewing Clint Covington and Ryan McMinn, Program Managers on the Access team!


As noted above, be sure to check out the Access 2010 Intro series at the Access team blog.