Announcing: OBA Sample Application Kit for PeopleSoft v. 2.0 - Now Available

I am pleased to say that today in my Collaborate 2011 session about PeopleSoft integration with Office and SharePoint 2010, I’ll be demoing the new Office Business Application (OBA) Sample Application Kit for PeopleSoft v. 2.0 just released to MSDN. The kit is now ready for download and has been fully updated for SharePoint 2010 and Office 2010. Downloads for the kit include a Deep Dive Technical Whitepaper describing the various components used in the solution, a Demo Walkthrough of the end-user’s experience and all the source code (unsupported and for instructional use only) .

The sample application implements a portion of a human resources (HR) management system and focuses on the recruitment and evaluation of candidates. It is designed to bring line of business (LOB) data from PeopleSoft HRMS into the comfortable confines of Microsoft Office and SharePoint.  It is composed of an Outlook 2010 add-in and uses BCS to connect to PeopleSoft Web services with a Silverlight Web part for data display in SharePoint 2010. Each part of the sample application is developed, at least partially, with Visual Studio 2010. The SharePoint portion, of course, uses SharePoint specific tools. The OBA Sample Application Kit for PeopleSoft v. 2.0 interacts (read, create, update and delete) with PeopleSoft Human Resource Management System 9.0 and SQL Server 2008. This is an excellent resource for seeing just what it would take for you to begin making steps to land your PeopleSoft LOB data in Office and SharePoint.



I’d like to thank our partners at Softagon for helping to make this great resource available to developers.