DevCamp: Build apps for Office and SharePoint; coming Worldwide in 2013!

SNAGHTML19d99a7The Microsoft DevCamps program is bringing a new training opportunity for developers worldwide that focuses on building apps for Office and SharePoint .

The all new cloud app extensibility model for Office and SharePoint 2013 enables building a whole new class of productivity solutions for Office and SharePoint. And the new Store on for Office and SharePoint provides the venue for these apps to be delivered to Office, SharePoint on-premises and Office 365 SharePoint Online users worldwide.

In these DevCamps, developers will learn the concepts of the new cloud app model and how to use it. Topics for building apps for SharePoint range from how to read/write to SharePoint as a service using its rich APIs whether the JavaScript/managed code object model or via REST/OData, how events that happen on SharePoint can drive actions in your app, to using SharePoint search via the APIs.

Topics for apps for Office include how to build task pane, content and mail apps that render in the Office client applications, use the Office JavaScript object model to interact with documents and mail items, and how to deploy apps for Office as standalone solutions or part of an app for SharePoint.

Other topics will cover how to think about elasticity, scalability and reliability of your backend services. Here we’ll call out a friction-free path with Windows Azure Web Sites and some of the other Windows Azure technologies. But being true to the cloud app model, the backend services can run on any platform, so in the end, this is always your call. And of course the steps for getting your app into the Store on will be discussed too.

We have great instructors on board, each with a deep background in development so you can expect a rich 2-days of content and hands-on.

<Updated 1/2/2013>

Meet the instructors:

Bruce Johnson Microsoft MVP, Trainer

Bruce Johnson is a Founder and Principal Consultant with ObjectSharp and a 30-year veteran of the computer industry. While he includes UNIX in his long distant past, the past 15+ years have been spent on projects at the leading edge of Windows technology, including using .NET since the introduction of version 1.0.   His experience includes the creation of commercial web applications using AJAX, the implementation of numerous service-based architectures and the building of various Windows-based applications for software vendors. He is a seasoned MCT instructor and mentor in software development best practices focusing primarily on MS technologies including SharePoint, .Net, WPF, Silverlight, etc… As well as his experience in system design and development, he has written a bi-monthly technology column (for six years), has been published in a wide variety of technology periodicals, has given over 200 presentations at user conferences all over North America and has co-authored five books for Microsoft Press and Wrox.

Senaj Lelic Microsoft MVP, Trainer

Senaj Lelic is working in the IT business since 1991, also studying economy at the university of Munich (special studies: strategic management and software based Business Process management). Starting with BORLAND, he went on to work with the Visio Corporation in 1996. There he was working on different visualization solutions for different customers. In 2000 when Visio was acquired by Microsoft his focus shifted to contain Microsoft.NET as a programming platform and also since 2003 the technology SharePoint extending also to supporting technologies such as SQL Server and the System Center products. Since 2007 the Unified Communications Technologies and especially their programming integration into custom solutions is one of his additional interests. One long-term activity is also the creation and planning/architecture of BPM solutions and technologies - always using Visio as the graphical engine, but extending the scenario with SQL Server and also SharePoint to create powerful but easy to use BPM solutions.

Mark Michaelis Microsoft MVP, Trainer 

Mark Michaelis (Blog) is the founder of IntelliTect and serves as the Chief Technical Architect and Trainer. Since 1996, he has been a Microsoft MVP for C#, Visual Studio, and the Windows SDK and in 2007, he was recognized as a Microsoft Regional Director. He also serves on several Microsoft software design review teams, including C#, the Connected Systems Division, and Visual Studio ALM in addition to his participation in programs such as the SharePoint/Office 2013 TAP. Mark speaks at developer conferences and has written numerous articles and books - Essential C# 5.0 is his most recent. Mark holds a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from the University of Illinois and a Masters in Computer Science from the Illinois Institute of Technology. When not bonding with his computer, Mark is busy with his family or training for another Ironman.

Michael Stokesabary SharePoint Development Architect, Trainer

Michael Stokesbary is a SharePoint Development Architect and Trainer for IntelliTect. Michael has been involved in computers since he was about 10 with his first computer being a Texas Instruments TI-99/4A that he programmed BASIC on and saved his programs on ordinary audio cassette tapes. Since then, Michael has learned various programming languages and primarily focuses on .NET technologies including C#, WCF, WPF, WF, SharePoint, and ASP.NET.  In addition to training/speaking Michael manages the Internet and intranet SharePoint environments at companies like Itron.

</Updated 1/2/2013>

So, review the schedule and register to attend at a location that works for you and begin thinking about building an app for Office and/or SharePoint.


We’ll look forward to seeing you at one of these events.