What’s new in Windows CardSpace “Geneva” beta 2

Oren Melzer, SDE, was introduced to “project InfoCard” (a former internal code name for Windows CardSpace) as an intern with Microsoft -- he’s now a developer on Windows CardSpace “Geneva” and a member of the Federated Identity team. This week I sat down with Oren to hear what’s new in CardSpace Geneva beta 2. Among the new features, managing information cards via Active Directory group policy (in concert with Geneva Server) provides new opportunities for using CardSpace within the enterprise. So enterprise developers and IT Pros will want to give this a listen. Oren also calls out the delta between beta 1 to beta 2 for the ASP.NET developer in that the information card control previously in the Geneva Framework beta 1 is no longer there. A number of code samples are available on the Microsoft code name “Geneva” Connect site under the Windows CardSpace “Geneva” section. These include ObjectTagSamples and a CardSpaceBackedWebApp showing how to work directly with the returned token. Oren requests feedback for the team on the new features so following are the pertinent links. Thanks Oren!!