Complex scripts in PDF

There is currently a bug in our SQL Server 2005 PDF renderer which may cause it to generate incorrect glyphs for text in a complex left-to-right script.  The reason this occurs is that we need to embed font glyph indices and metric information into the PDF document.  For text in a right-to-left complex script, we get this information from the Uniscribe API which knows all about combining and morphing characters into glyphs.  For everything else, we use GDI methods which do not understand how to handle complex scripts.  For an example of the problem, look at the following Gujarati script as it appears in HTML (correct) and PDF (incorrect):


2007-10-18 Gujarati characters in PDF

I am working on a fix for both our SQL Server 2005 and upcoming SQL Server 2008 PDF renderers.  If you have text that is affected by this bug, please email me with details (an RDL containing the problematic strings is preferred) to help us be sure the fix we implement is complete.  You can find my email address on my About page.

Thank you.