Early Christmas: Sticky Notes

My good friend Pablo Galiano just let me know that Sticky Notes is ready for primetime. WooHoo! It’s not my decision, but I’m going to try to talk Mike into letting us use it on the data access guidance project I’ll be talking more about real soon. Of course, even if Mike doesn’t want to use it, I can still use it for personal sticky notes since they aren’t checked into source control, unlike the team sticky notes which are. This image shows how I might do that.


Pablo was a dev on all versions of the Service Factory and has done a ton of work for us in p&p. In addition to being a great human being, he walks on water when it comes to Visual Studio extensibility. Which is just one of the reasons you owe it to yourself to check out Sticky Notes. This video is where I started. Have fun and happy holidays. Thanks Pablo!