How confident are you?

If you are building connected systems, how confident are you that Microsoft is doing the right thing for you? Are you confident that we're in the process of publishing the right tools and guidance that will make you more successful when building connected systems? Are you confident that the next version of Visual Studio, BizTalk Server, the .NET Framework, and the tools and libraries will address what you think is lacking in the current suite of products and technologies?

We want you to be confident that we are ... seriously. So we've created a survey that will give you an opportunity to be heard - and make a difference. The patterns & practices team has worked with the Visual Studio, BizTalk, WCF, and a few other teams in Microsoft to put together this survey so we can be sure we're focusing on the right things ... yea, what you think we should be working on.

Completing the survey shouldn't take you long and you'll be much more confident the guidance and product improvements coming in the future will be based on your input. We're shooting for a LOT of participants and there isn't much more time left - so don't delay.

Customer Survey for Connected Systems