My App Arch deck from the China Summit

This is a deck I created for the China p&p Summit. I'm posting this because I spent some extra time creating each of the 5 application type diagrams (from the Application Architecture Guide) in PowerPoint. I thought this might be useful for others who would like to use/modify them for their own use. Since this deck can have a dual purpose, I also included 12 slides of nice vector icons for using in network/software diagrams that I've benefited from for years. I used them in both PowerPoint and Visio. Let me know if you find it useful.


Unfortunately, I optimized this deck for the delivery - opposed to being useful as a standalone deck. The presentation was video taped, so if you're interested in the delivery, I'll update this if I learn of the link if it is published publicly. Otherwise, I can update it with loads of comments in each slide.