Symposium give-aways

patterns & practices SymposiumAs someone who has spoken at quite a few events over the past 10 years, I thought I had a pretty good understanding of what goes into running a conference. With less than 2 weeks before the start of the Symposium, I can already appreciate how ignorant I was. Fortunately, I've been a speaker and attendee enough times to have a decent understanding at what makes for a high quality event and what can screw it up big time. Obviously, the value per cost is an important consideration and I've tried to organize as much value as possible. Earlier today I was checking on how things are shaping up ... and I think it's looking pretty good.

  • Free books and ebooks from Pearson and O'Reilly
  • A month of online training from Pluralsight's OnDemand! Series
  • The three newest books from patterns & practices (Azure, EntLib and Parallel)
  • All presentations and demo code on a 2Gb thumbdrive bracelet (it's pretty cool, trust me)
  • Three evening events (ascending in coolness factor) that include food and open bars
  • Lots of food (big breakfast, buffet lunches and dinner with snacks in between)
  • Conference t-shirt that you'll customize for yourself (should be fun)
  • And 10 attendees will win a copy of Visual Studio 2010 Professional

All of this for only $999 is a steal. Now we're less than 2 weeks out and it has all indications of being a really awesome event. These always tend to be really intimate events and this year we have some really great keynotes, hands-on workshops and interesting talks lined up with loads of time for great conversations in between.

If you haven't already registered, what are you waiting for? Do it now

Looking forward to seeing you there!