First Entry !


Hello future readers,

I am Dorian Corompt, I am a new developer consultant employee at Microsoft France.

As a good resolution for this new year, I decided to start writing a blog to share with you my passion for technologies.

What I intend to publish on this blog:

  • Comments and feedbacks about new Microsoft products/technologies:
    There will be a lot to write here since Microsoft is releasing a lot of new exciting technologies every years.
    My first posts under this section will probably target Windows 8 which is coming really soon!
  • Quick start/How to tutorials, advices and experience concerning our technologies:
    Sometimes we browse the internet for hours trying to resolve a little problem we could resolve in 5 minutes with some hints.
  • .NET programming languages articles:
    I like communication and languages, natural languages as well as programming languages or even music and mathematics.
    The .NET framework allows a programming languages abstraction, opening new perspective and new way of elegantly solve problems.

I will try to write most of my posts in English to enlarge the audience, so I apologize in advance for the mistakes. I may write some articles in Japanese. And depending on the subject complexity I could switch back to French.

I hope this first entry will be the first of many,