Free Windows Azure Platform Pass | No Credit Card Required | Try it!



How would you like to try Windows Azure and SQL Azure for FREE? We have a Free Windows Azure platform 30 day pass (in US only) for you. No credit card required. In addition, sign up for Microsoft Platform Ready to get access to technical, application certification testing and marketing support .

Steps to follow:

  • Sign Up By Clicking This Link:
  • Use this Promo Code: DPEWR02
  • After you have signed up, it takes 2-4 business days for the pass request to be processed and you will be notified that your Windows Live ID has now been associated with a no-cost 30-day Azure account.

In case you are wondering what the Windows Azure platform 30 day pass includes, here is the list:

Windows Azure

o 4 small compute instances

o 3GB of storage

o 250,000 storage transactions

SQL Azure

o Two 1GB Web Edition database


o 100,000 Access Control transactions

o 2 Service Bus connections

 Data Transfers (per region)

o 3 GB in

o 3 GB out