IE9 Available to Download: New Features and Changes


IE9 is here now. 

Download it and give a try!

If you want to know more about IE9.  There are quite a few news and blogs already. 

  • IEblog highlights the new HTML5 features to enhanced performance, and changes based on developers’ feedback. Short videos are very helpful to understand the new feature and changes.
  • IE technology evangelist Giorgio Sardo talks about the top 5 features in IE9.  Here are the top 5 from his blog:
    1. W3C Geo-location Standard is implemented
    2. Cleanest User Experience
    3. Performance: it’s fast!
    4. Format the JavaScript code using the F12 Developer Tools
    5. Full support for the <canvas> spec: globalCompositeOperation
  • IE9 Do Not Track feature: will prevent Web advertisers from tracking your behavior using a header-based solution.