Rev up your Startup with BizSpark

Do you have a business startup that is ready to take off and be the next big thing? If so, you need to join Microsoft BizSpark now. And we mean right now. Learn about the benefits of BizSpark and you can also score 50XP on DVLUP!

Microsoft BizSpark is a free program dedicated to helping startups succeed. It gives you free access to the software and tools you need to build amazing Windows-based apps, as well as the technology to get into the cloud. You can also connect to 100,000+ other startups and 1,500+ startup organizations around the world. Find out more in this quick introductory video:

Next, use what you’ve just learned about BizSpark to earn a quick 50 XP here on DVLUP by completing our latest Quiz!

If you were paying attention during the video, this quiz should be a cinch to complete. If you get all five questions correct, you will earn the points.

Go on, take the BizSpark Quiz now.

Then – and this is the part that really matters here – if you fit the criteria outlined in the video, go register with BizSpark – the registration process is easy and should only take about five minutes to complete. You will receive priority registration when you use this link: – you can even share this link with a friend or two, if you know other qualified startups that should get in on this action.

For the record, your startup qualifies for BizSpark if it is:

  • Developing software or apps
  • Less than 5 years old and privately held
  • Making less than US$1M annually

If this sounds like you – and your startup – get started now. Trust us, you will be really glad you did, and your startup will be ready to soar.