Upcoming Saturday Azure Hackathon in San Francisco | Free | Great Prizes


You have read, seen and heard about Windows Azure, now it's time to dive into code and build something. Join other developers for this exciting, FREE cloud-focused event. We will have a free Azure Hackathon on Sat. Dec 18th, 2010 in San Francisco . This Hackathon is all about code, code and more code. There will be a short walkthrough to get you off and running (if you are not already familiar with Windows Azure), but the rest of the time you can code and collaborate with other cloud developers.

Why You Should Attend

  1. Get started developing with Windows Azure, the hottest cloud platform for .NET developers
  2. Share ideas, code and techniques with other developers and learn from experts
  3. Develop a cool cloud app and win a prize


Every attendee will get a 30 Day Free Azure Pass.

At the end of the Hackathon we will have the audience vote for the Top 2 apps. Each developer will win:

2 x Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate with MSDN Subscription

(valued of approx. $11,000 each)

What to install and Prepare before Hackathon

The only pre-requisites for this event are that you have knowledge of basic ASP.NET development and that you bring your own computer.

  1. You will also need to install the Windows Azure SDK using Visual Studio; you can download it in advance here.
  2. You may want to take a look of the updated Windows Azure Training Course.

Go register now!