WDK v7.1 is now available

A refresh of the WDK is now available on connect. You can download the v7.1 WDK following the directions on WHDC.  The change list for the WDK can be found here, I copying it here as well:

WDK Version 7.1.0 Changes and Issues

This section contains information about the changes to the WDK for the 7.1.0 refresh release.

Windows XP x64 is now supported as an installation platform

Debugger Changes
The Debugging Tools for Windows have been updated in this release of the WDK. The following changes were made:

•Debugger Version changed to See the release notes in the debugger package for more information.

•Updated ndiskd.dll

•Miscellaneous bugfixes in UMDF and KMDF debugger extensions:


•Ability to print more than 50 requests on a queue

•!wdfdevice correctly displays FileObjectClass Name

•Display if a request is cancelled if it is on the driver notified list


•Correctly display a umirps cancel callback

•Dump a devices Cleanup and Close callbacks

•Display the file object associated with a request

Redistributable Change: Update to offreg.dll

Build Environment Changes

•Updated MSVCRT.lib to fix driver crashes in Vista

•Updated ws2_32.lib

•Added ntddump.h

•Added NPIV.mof

•Added headers for Vista 7ip

•Fixed annotations on I/O routines

•Added wudftrace.ctl containing all umdf trace guids

Sample Changes and Issues


•Xframeii: bugs fixed

•Added NetVmini sample

•Sensor skeleton sample: memory leak issues fixed

•KMDF Toaster sample: bug fixed

•WDM Event sample: bug fixed

•Port I/O sample driver: There is a syntax issue in the file …\src\general\portio\sys\genport.inx that prevents the driver from being successfully installed on pre-Windows 7 systems. The workaround is to replace all occurrences of “PORTIO_Device” with “PortIO_Inst”.

Update to Sensor Adapter Test Suite