I have a dream! C# Code Completion in Emacs (csense, dabbrev, etc)

No good options here.

I know, dabbrev does some neat things. But it pales in comparison to real code completion as you get in Visual Studio, or, I think, even SharpDevelop.

I checked out a module called csense that a lone developer hacked together last year. The goal of the project looked simple, focused, valuable: real code completion in Emacs for C# !!! Whoohoo!!!!! but

  • The implementation looks incomplete 
  • There are no docs 
  • I couldn't even figure out how to initially install it
  • nobody is using it; there were 33 downloads and I think I was about 8 of them.
  • I couldn't figure out how to configure it or what the various vars did, without wading in knee deep into elisp code.
  • after bumping around in the dark, I did get a popup to show a class definnition when I hovered on XmlReader, for example
  • But when I tried to get the code-completion to work, I consistently got the result that my editing buffer would just silently close. (I guess I didn't want to edit that file anyway.)
  • It appears to be, as someone else said, "abandonware"

So the search continues.  Real code completion looks to be pretty hard to get, and not easy to implement.

I think the next thing I may do is check out CSDE.

Jeez I hope I don't start considering implementing this meself. That would be a disaster. Somebody stop me.