IBM WebSphere Registry/Repository and Interop with .NET, part 3

Back in May, IBM had posted an article describing how to connect to its WebSphere Service Registry and Repository (WSRR) from .NET applications. A surprise to me.  Not long ago I was huffing about lack interop on WSRR.  I later amended my comments in a followup post, saying that IBM had documented a SOAP interface to WSRR.   But apparently back in May IBM had addressed the question more directly with a nice developer article!

Basic Interop is not the only issue of course.  As Anne Thomas Manes pointed out in a comment to the original post, there is a difference between basic interop and integration.  WSRR defines its own data model for the artifacts stored in the registry, so basic connection is not good enough.  The connecting application needs to have some understanding of the data model, the semantics of what is retrieved from the registry. 

Is UDDI sufficient for this?  Apparently IBM thinks not.