SQL Server 2005 SP2, November CTP - Interop with Oracle and Hyperion

ooooh, my my my.   Everyone is awaiting SQL Server 2005 SP2, because SP2 is required to run SQL Server 2005 correctly on Windows Vista.  But there are also some interop goodies in SQL Server 2005 SP2, or at least in the November CTP.  For those of you who are not current on all the techno jargon, CTP = Community Technology Preview, and is sort of like a beta.  Essentially it is a pre-release of Something.    In this case the CTP is a pre-release of the Service Pack 2 for SQL Server 2005. 

What about interop?   The What's New document describes a couple of interesting pieces:

  • Oracle Support in Report Builder. Users will now be able to use Report Builder on top of Oracle data sources.
  • Hyperion support with SSRS. Organizations will now be able to use SSRS to build reports on top of Hyperion Essbase cubes.

When will SQL Server 2005 SP2 go final?   Real Soon Now!