Weekly Digest for Friday, July 19– WPC was great!


Weekly Digest for Friday, July 19

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Doug McCutcheon: Hi,   I am looking for partners who have created service offerings for FastTrack, this can be for Step 1, 2 or 3.   Why? Well we are releasing some more incentives aligned to the FastTrack deployment methodology, and want to tell the field about partners with package offerings around this.   Let me know if this is your company.   If you want to start a service packaing offering around FastTrack, go to http://drumbeat.office.com/fasttrack (http://drumbeat.office.com/fasttrack) . Hint as well as hitting this page,to list out a summary of detailed content by hitting the resources tab, and hit the "Deployment Guide" filter.

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Doug McCutcheon: Here is the deck presented at the FastTrack session at WPC. This is the latest out there for you to use. For more detail on FastTrack go to https://drumbeat.office.com/FastTrack . This is exclusive to Microsoft partners. (1 Document attached)

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Doug McCutcheon: Hi there, in this standing room only session at WPC we talked about the best practice for selling Office 365, the customer decision framework. For more content go to https://drumbeat.office.com/Customer-Decision-Framework Let us know your thoughts! (1 Document attached)

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Doug McCutcheon: Thanks for asking , we intend landing our roadmap content in the following newly created blog, see http://blogs.office.com/b/office365tech/

Office 365 technology

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Doug McCutcheon: This deck got used throughout WPC sessions. It is a summary of the partner targeted content investments we have made to help sell and deploy Office 365. Hint: Go to https://drumbeat.office.com/ and access the footer for the latest hyper links. One has changed already, which one? (1 Document attached)

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Doug McCutcheon: Here is a deck we presented at WPC, about our strategy for enterprise customers in FY14. In this session we will articulate the customer momentum, partner opportunity and FY14 strategy in the enterprise space. Our definition of enterprise is a customer with more than 250 seats. (1 Document attached)

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