Backup your DPM data into the cloud…?

This is a smart idea…  The DPM UI can be used in conjunction with Iron Mountain CloudRecovery to backup your data into the cloud.  For protecting Exchange Server this means that you could use short term protection of your databases to disk via DPM as you might normally do, but instead of longer term protection to tape locally, used in combination with taking tapes offsite; a solution which can be costly and complex to manage, you can use the DPM UI to backup data to Iron Mountain data centres. So your design could look something like this…

DPM and IronMountain

* Need to make sure you understand your compliance requirements and industry regulations as I believe the data is stored in US data centres only.  One you might need to bring up with MS\Iron Mountain.

And to quote the relevant bit of the DPM blog:

“We’ve also formed a strategic relationship with one of the most respected names in offsite data retention, Iron Mountain, so that DPM 2007 SP1 customers can protect their data with Microsoft’s solution on-site, and then replicate the DPM data to a secure Iron Mountain datacenter for off-site protection. This opens up some powerful retention and compliance scenarios, while still providing Microsoft customers with an integrated UI within DPM 2007. For more on the DPM CloudRecovery solution with Iron Mountain, check out the press release.

The interoperability is a feature of DPM SP1 and you can get more information here: Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager 2007 Service Pack 1

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