Corrupted OOF?

This is an interested blog from a Microsoft escalation engineer – Eric Norberg posted on his Technet blog:

How to Remove an Invisible or Corrupted "Out of Facility" message with MFCMAPI

If you suspect you might have a problem with a corrupted OOF, you’ve followed all of the troubleshooting steps that you can think of and aren’t getting anywhere, have a look at Eric’s blog.  ..Eric troubleshoots the issue with MFCMAPI and steps through a theoretical example but as he mentions this would be last resort.

..and another thing - Why is OOF an OOF and not an OOO?

“OOF was a command used in the days of Microsoft’s Xenix mail system, which set a user as ‘Out of Facility’ – i.e. Out of the Office”

..and by the power of Live search…

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