Earlier this month Microsoft announced DPM Service Pack 1.  Some pretty significant updates particularly around Windows 2008 and Hyper-V.  For example using a combination of Hyper-V and DPM for branch offices is a pretty decent solution I think.

For Exchange the main update is the ability to protect the SCR target which has implications for deployments where data centre resilience is a requirement. What this means is that during normal operations DPM is effectively taking an ‘offline’ volume snap, the clever bit being that in the event of activating the SCR target where the primary datacentre has been destroyed (along with the primary DPM server); protection of the newly activated SCR target continues…

Jason Buffington is going to be doing a series of podcasts on edge.technet.com each one focusing on a different technology. (Not sure when the Exchange one will be yet but watch here for the latest in the series.)

The first introductory podcast is here - http://edge.technet.com/Media/Data-Protection-Manager-with-Jason-Buffington/