Quick Transport Rule

Quick transport rule to remove the recipient field of an SMTP message header from messages going out across an Edge Transport role server…

Not going to win any awards but it’s worth a look if you haven’t tried mucking about with transport rules with Powershell.

$Condition = Get-TransportRulePredicate FromScope
$Condition.Scope = "InOrganization"
$Action = Get-TransportRuleAction RemoveHeader
$Action.MessageHeader = "Received"
New-TransportRule -name "Transport Rule 1" –comments “To hide receive header field on outbound email” -Condition @($Condition) -Action @($Action)

You might also want to add –enabled:$false to disable the connector so that it is created but not enabled right away and\or the –priority parameter if you have other rules that you want to be applied before or after this one.

[But why would you want to do this?  …see another related blog here]

Have a look at ‘Overview of Transport Rules’ on Technet for more information…