I’ve been tagged – five things you [probably] didn’t know about me

Tess "tagged me". This seems to be a bit of New Year fun in the blogosphere – seems to be a bit like viral marketing of your friends blogs with a bit of personal disclosure thrown in.

So, five things you probably don't know about me….let's see.

  1. My bank account number is….. just kidding.

Let's start that one again.

  1. To celebrate my 40th birthday last year myself and Paul threw ourselves out of an aircraft at 13,000ft. Neither of us had done this before and it was quite exhilarating to say the least. We did it at RAF Weston and I can highly recommend it! I should point out that we were securely attached to one highly experienced parachute instructor each.
  2. Although I debug software for a living I have a doctorate in Geophysics and have had 4 papers published in refereed scientific journals. My thesis was about how the Earth's magnetic field plays a part in altering the rotation of the Earth.
  3. I once travelled by bus from Karachi in Pakistan to Munich in Germany, passing through Waziristan, Baluchistan, Iran, Turkey, Yugolavia and Austria along the way. It was a phenomenal experience. And it was winter. And it was quite cold at times. According to the driving directions tool on Live it is 4194.7 miles and should take 68 hours 51 minutes to drive. However I didn't take the shortest route and I was going by bus so it took three and a half weeks. I travelled with a great guy called "Boris" with whom I have lost touch. So if you're reading this Boris, get in touch!
  4. I used to do a lot of SCUBA diving and dived in many places around the world but particularly in the UK. The best diving experience I ever had was on a club expedition to St Kilda off the West Coast of Scotland. The water was blue, the visibility was awesome and the scenery staggering.
  5. I try to do a bit of kayaking in my spare time and I am a member of Wokingham Canoe club. I own my own modest kayak which was made by Wild Things based down in Cornwall. It is an excellent all round boat.

Passing the baton on, I hereby tag Carlo, Johan, The Green Goblin, Paul and Stefan. Get to it guys!