Learn IIS7 : short tutorial videos available on IIS.NET, plus more

There is a lot of great information available to help you learn IIS7 over at IIS.NET.

Also available are short video tutorials. Unless I am missing something there is no overall list of the available videos so here is one I've created...

Installing necessary IIS7 components (10 minutes)

Serving new content (10 minutes)

Editing IIS7 configuration (8.5 minutes)

Troubleshooting Unexpected Issues (10 minutes)

Setting up FastCGI for use with PHP (7 minutes)

Delegating configuration to web.config files (8.5 minutes)

Using ASP.NET Forms Authentication (16.5) minutes

Configuring SSL in IIS Manager (10 minutes)

Extending Web Server Functionality in .NET (10.5 minutes)

Boost Performance with native output caching (12.5 minutes)

Using IIS7 with Windows Server Core (8.5 minutes)

Configuring a web farm with Windows Server 2008 (13 minutes)

Remote administration of IIS7 installations (12 minutes)

URL Authorization and request filtering (13.5 minutes)

Exploring the security specifics of IIS7 (10 minutes)


Another resource worth considering is the Internet Information Services (IIS) 7.0 Resource Kit with over 700 pages of detailed information about IIS7. The book comes with a companion CD which includes some sample PowerShell scripts for managing IIS7 as well as the entire book in searchable, electronic format.