Welcome to my blog!

Welcome! I'm glad that you've stumbled across my new blog. So, now that you're here, I guess I should tell you a little about myself.

My name is David Owens II and I am a member of the QA team on Cider here at Microsoft. I started out as a contractor back in July, 2005 and was offered a full-time position in September, 2005. It's kinda of funny though because all through college I had family members and friends asking me if I was going to work for Microsoft when I graduated. I'd always tell them no, and that I didn't want to work for such a large company. Well, just a little over a year of graduating college, I'm here and I have to say that I'm loving it!

I think that is about it for now, but be sure to come back soon! I plan on posting fairly regularly about all sorts of things like my experiences here on the QA team, some personal projects that I find interesting (such as building a reflection system in C++ and writing a scripting language), and just some other random fun stuff like puzzles.