Getting your own personal translation service

I was using Windows Live Translator the other day when I noticed that the page had been subtly updated with the introduction of a small image to the right informing me that I can also have automatic language translations made via instant messaging.  By simply adding the user to your contact list, you can get instant access to a personal translation service!


This is a particularly useful service to me because, no matter how long I live in Spain, I will always come across the odd word or two that I have never seen before, and sometimes it is too much hassle to go find the dictionary and look it up or go to the Windows Live Translator page to find out the translation.  TBot might not get it right all the time, but it is extremely useful to have it there to translate the odd word or phrase.  It works in both Windows Live Messenger and Office Communicator, so there is excuse not to add it!

My only fault with it though is that it does not have the option to translate U.S. English into proper British English ;-)