It seems that getting stronger wood than Superman has never been easier…

It always amazes me the sheer levels of SPAM emails that are sent (and I have the misfortune to receive), but thankfully Outlook 2007 does a pretty good job of filtering them all out for me so that all I need to do is just empty the Junk E-Mail folder in my Inbox every now and then.  Given the fact that SPAM is still a major problem, it clearly has to be generating some money for people otherwise the spammers would stop trying to get around the filters.  But what I don’t understand is why anybody, no matter how desperate, would even be slightly tempted to purchase something that has been advertised through a SPAM email.  I mean, you’d have to be seriously stupid or mentally eroded to buy medication (or anything else) that you might consume over the Internet from one of these SPAM emails, but it seems people do.

Anyway, as I went to empty my Junk E-Mail folder today, I accidently opened the folder instead of right clicking and then choosing delete from the menu.  I noticed this wildly bizarre claim that was being made that I find incredible, even though I’ve seen plenty of crazy SPAM emails in the past.  I mean, imagine if it was true what was being claimed and that by simply taking some medication that you purchased from a totally unknown, shady and unreliable source you could break down concrete walls like Superman with just the contents of your underpants???  It could pose a serious health risk to women.  It could even allow the creation of a new Police force, specialising in breaking through concrete barriers.


The other thing I find unbelievable with this particular spammer is that they sent this email to an internal Microsoft mailing list that is used to send out notifications of job vacancies in the company.  I can understand that being out of work can be extremely worrying, but I can’t see how the offer made in the email can be of any benefit at all to those who have received it.