Download Free Windows Phone Quality Checklist

“How do you define ‘quality’?” That was my question in one of my sessions to some great developers from Middle East & Africa region. “Simple Design”, “Great functionality”, “More options”, “Bug Free” were some of many right answers that I got from the developers. I couldn’t really debate most of the answers. They were right. However, not all simple design, or bug free apps are high quality apps. They are definitely super important but not necessarily the ultimate answer.

Digging deeper into the subject, I believe that the definition of Quality is highly subjective. Giving a great User Experience is a key player in boosting your app quality levels.

I developed the below tool Windows Phone Quality Checklist that you can use as a reference and a guide whenever you are developing your Windows Phone app that could boost the UX of the app and eventually help get more downloads and higher star rating.

The tool is a simple excel sheet that contains 3 sections:

  1. Required Features
  2. Should Have features
  3. Good to Have features

Here’s how you can use it:

  1. Enter your App Name under App column,
  2. Skip the next 4 columns
  3. Give a value of 1 in the cell if you used the corresponding Feature as state in the column name
  4. You need to get a minimum of 5 required features. 2 Should Have features, and 1 Good to Have feature. If you find your app needs more features, that are not included, don’t hesitate to make your own Checklist and add them Winking smile.
  5. Once you fill the cells with the numbers, you will get a final score as shown in the below snap shot. And Golden star will show up in Star/Top App column indicating that your app is a Quality app.


Just a note: this tool’s main use is for referral and guidance. You may use it to assess your developed apps or brainstorming the features you are planning to include in your app or build your own checklist with the help of this one.

You can download the tool from here .

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Mohamed Yamama,

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