Windows Phone 8 Developer Resources

Since the latest Windows Phone 8.0 SDK release , resources and documentation for Windows Phone 8 development have been increasing day after the other. I have worked on collecting these resources and putting them together and sharing them with you. I hope I didn’t miss a thing. Please feel free to comment or use the comment to add to this list.

Blogs and News

Windows Phone Developer Blog

Windows Phone Blog

Microsoft News Center

Mohamed Yamama's Blog

MEA Windows Phone Developers' Lounge

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Dev Center

BUILD Content

Jump Start Recordings

Jump Start Content

Tips on Designing WP app

Future proofing Your WP apps

Pragmatic Tips for Building Better Windows Phone Apps

Download the WP8 SDK

Create your first WP8 app

Port an existing app from iOS and Android

Design a high quality WP8 app

Register to publish on the WP8 Store

Test your WP8 app

Publish your WP8 app

Windows Phone 8 Hands On Labs

Windows Phone Code Samples: Learn through Code

The Windows Phone ToolKit

NDEF Library for Proximity APIs (NFC)

Nokia Developer Hub


Store and Monetization

Web Windows Phone Store

Monetization - 10 money Making WP 1

Monetization - 10 money Making WP 1

Tips for using ads

App Certifications Requirements

Windows Phone Store Test Kit

Get Your Windows Phone Applications in the Store Faster


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