And The Survey Says...

In my last post on the Prism 2.0 project, I alluded to the exactly-what-it-sounds-like "Vision/Scope kick-off meeting".

For all Patterns and Practices projects we put together a Vision/Scope deck that we present to the rest of the P&P team (and customers and partners) that describes what the project will focus on, what guidance it will deliver, the overall architecture and technical features it will likely contain, and the overall schedule (and other bean-counter related stuff).

Vision/Scope gives the wider team and community visibility into the project and gives the team a chance to get input from them. But, it's also a critical forcing function that helps the team figure out the overall shape of the project before the real (agile) development work begins. Having everyone on the same page early on really helps the project to execute in an efficient and agile way later on... but I digress...

One of the key pieces of information the Vision/Scope contains is a prioritized list of issues and challenges that folks are facing in the area of focus or with the technologies concerned. This list helps us to figure out what we're going to tackle, and in which order. One way for us to get this data is to survey folks who are actively facing these issues on a daily basis using an on-line survey tool.

So, in order to figure out what challenges and issues folks are facing in the land of Silverlight, we have set up a short survey here. We've had a few folks take the survey to give us an idea of where to focus the project but we need more input to be sure that we are scoping and prioritizing the project effectively.

If you are building, or are thinking of building a Silverlight and/or WPF application, please take the survey and let us know what challenges are highest on your priority list. It's a short survey and won't take long. We'll use this information to guide the project as it evolves, and the more data that we have, the better we can address the common problems that folks are facing.