Application Architecture Guide - 2nd Edition

The long awaited 2nd edition of the patterns & practices Application Architecture Guide has just reached content complete status. Congratulations to J.D. and the whole Application Architecture Guide team on a superb job! You can download the content complete versionĀ  of the guide from the CodePlex site here.

The Application Architecture Guide is one of our most important releases this year. Painting a coherent picture for an area as deep and wide as application architecture is very difficult, but judging by the download numbers (nearly 37000 in less than a day!) the community is clearly looking for this kind of guidance.

The guide itself is really the tip of the ice berg. J.D. and team have made much more content, including how-to's and videos, available at the Application Architecture Guide's Knowledge Base site here. Check it out and let us know what you think.

Next step for the guide is final editing, getting it published to MSDN and printing it in book form, so be sure to look for it in a book store near you soon!