Are you going to be at TechEd 2004?

Are you going to be at TechEd 2004? What would you like to have for brunch? No seriously! Doctor and some of his accomplished colleagues are going to cook components to satisfy your insatiable hunger to extend Visual Studio. At TechEd, we will be holding a Cabana session (we are calling it a cook off) where we will present a menu of possible components for VS (Add-ins, macros, VSIP packages, etc.), then let the audience order from the menu. We will then cook them live, on stage, in front of everyone. Later on we will post these delicious entrees and of course the recipies to the web for you to pig out.


We have a list of entrees that we thought would be very delicious, but we would love to know want what suits your taste buds. Given that we only have about an hour to an hour and a half, we would like to keep our entree simple but delicious. Do let the Doctor know your suggestions! And Don't forget to bring in your appetite at the TechEd!


Bon Appetit!



Dr. eX